Memory analysis

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Slides and video of my informal presentation on memory analysis given at Confraria Security & IT in Lisbon


From the current offensive and defensive technique arsenal, memory analysis applied to volatile memory is far from being the most explored channel. It is more likely to hear about input validation attacks or attacks against the protocol & cryptography while keys, passphrases, credit card numbers and other precious artifacts are kept unsafely in memory. This analysis arises as a mine waiting to be explored since it is sustained by one of the most vulnerable and unavoidable resource to systems, memory. From Java to Stuxnex, as well as Windows but without forgetting the Cloud, I will try to show some scenarios where these techniques can be applied, its impact as a threat and bring an important and fun subject not just to those who work in forensics but also to penetration testers as myself. Finally, I will also try to show how can this be used for defensive technologies as tools for monitoring and protection in networks with systems in production.

These slides and video belong to my informal presentation on memory analysis given 30th May 2012 in Lisbon at Confraria Security & IT.


Video [portuguese]:

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