Smart Pacman

created on 2011-08-13 23:50:17


an implementation of the game Pac-man in ProLog that supports loading maps dynamically with some bits of AI


This is a game I've done long time ago as my introduction to ProLog language where you may easily design your own pacman map and play with it against smarter ghosts that will try to find the shortest way to get you and to close your way out. There is a second version where you may play with your friends in a multi-player mode.


not available.


First you should design a map file where you design the walls and place the diamonds and ghosts initial position as well as your own (the Pacman). You have an example on the file called "". Just run the main file and follow the interactive instructions.



Check out the source code at github page (git):

git clone git://


While it is a good exercise to learn this great programming paradigm this game is a lot more interesting by its code than it's incredibly awesome (not) gameplay.


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