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my invitation to you!


Welcome to my homepage, my own space on the web, my digital hub as I call it. avatar This is my first post here, the traditional welcome message, so consider yourself invited.

Being aware of how my life is connected to both Internet and IT worlds made me create this website. Here, I will gather some of the contents where I find interest so I can better manage them and share them with anyone connected. My interests cross different subjects such as Nature, Politics, Travelling, Science and other though my main preference lives most of the times with technology, particularly computers. That's also my academic choice. You can read more on me and this website on the About section.

For now, I won't write more about myself, instead I invite you to crawl around and find for yourself. Currently, this place is still fresh born but soon, I will add more articles, more projects, archives and other contents that you may like. If you are interested in following this website, you may want to consider the RSS feed here or any other channel. I look forward to ear from you and write you back: vcard


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